Just What Is League Bowling?


League bowling is a group of people getting together to bowl on a competitive basis. League bowlers consist of people of all age groups, all walks of life, and all levels of athletic skills.


At Cityview Lanes we have many different bowling leagues including traditional bowling leagues, leagues that use different scoring methods like 9 Pin No-Tap, leagues that have cash prizes, some league receive bowling balls and others receive licensed merchandise like Nascar, Nickelodeon etc..).


Leagues are organized with various numbers of teams consisting of all men, all women, or a combination of men and women. These leagues meet on a regularly scheduled basis, normally once a week, to compete against each other as teams. Some compete for prize money, some for trophies, but all of them compete for the fun of bowling.

League bowling then becomes a more equal form of competition because of its handicap system. A less talented, or inexperienced bowler, can compete with a
bowler of more experience and skill and still have a chance to win.


 ·        No waiting for a lane… one is always reserved for you

 ·        Has no physical requirements, anyone can bowl

·        Requires no equipment purchase to participate

·        The #1 indoor participation sport in America

·        Costs your company nothing to participate

·        A social gathering outside the workplace

·        Light exercise and great stress relief

·        Teaches the strategies of teamwork

·        Involves everyone, no benchsitters

Lots of groups are now forming their own bowling league with friends, family, and co-workersYou decide the time of day, day of week, number of sessions that you want to bowl. Then tell us how often you want to bowl weekly, bi-weekly or once a month. We'll provide the lanes for you.  Finally you will have a league you can enjoy with all the benefits you want including a great social activity and a FUN time with friends.  SIGN UP NOW ... PUT SOME FUN IN YOUR LIFE.

(League bowlers also receive discounts on open play game rates.  Discounts are subject to lane availability.  League discount rates are not valid on Friday and Saturdays 5pm-Close)

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